Ethel & Co Fine Art is a boutique online art gallery offering original art for sale by established Australian and international artists. 

We maintain a curated collection of artworks for sale across a range of mediums, including oil paintings, watercolours and pencil and ink drawings on paper.  We focus particularly on flower art, floral artworks, still life paintings, figurative and interior scenes. 

At Ethel & Co Fine Art we seek out works that move and inspire.  Our collection spans the vibrancy and exuberance of flower paintings, to the more contemplative still life works.  We look for art to live with, and love, for a lifetime.  We believe, if you buy art that you love, you'll get years of enjoyment.

The works in our collection tell stories, and have a place in the broader history (or histories) of art.  Our role is to search out these works, to research and present them for you in the Ethel & Co Fine Art Gallery.

Whether you're building an art collection, wishing to find an artwork to bring inspiration and creativity to your home, looking for a gift for an art lover or a special treat for yourself,  Ethel & Co has the perfect artwork for you. 

Ethel & Co is operated by Sarah Houlihan and grew out of Sarah's determination to find a way of doing what she loves for a living.  This gallery brings together a passion for art and art collecting, qualifications in art history and art management (BAT MAA, UNSW) and experiences inside and outside the art world.

We hope you enjoy exploring Ethel & Co Fine Art.  The Gallery is actively adding works to it's collection so please check back with us regularly.  Questions and enquiries are very welcome.  We can be contacted via email: sales@ethelandcofineart.com or ethelandcofineart@gmail.com.