Alan Douglas Baker (1914 - 1987), Untitled (Gardenias), Oil on Board

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Reproduced with the kind permission of the artist's family.



Alan Douglas Baker (1914 - 1987)
Recto: "Untitled (Gardenias)"
Verso: Untitled and unsigned landscape scene
Oil on Board
29cm x 27cm
Framed: 40.5cm  x 38cm
Signed lower right

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A beautiful oil painting by renowned Australian artist, Alan Douglas Baker (1914-1987).  Alan Baker is one of Australia's most collectable flower and still life artists.  Baker was active in Australia between the 1930s and 1980s and his works are still held in many public and private collections. 
Baker was a proudly traditional and realist painter.  He believed in study, technique and craftsmanship.  He painted from life, seeking to capture the beauty of the natural world around him.  Baker's works are known for their colour and vibrancy, for the play of light and dark across his flower arrangements, and for the energy of his brushstrokes in thickly applied, glossy oil paint.

"Untitled (Gardenias)" is a small jewel-like painting.  Against a shadowed purple backdrop, a small posy of white gardenias takes centre stage.  The flowers are held in a decorative vase and are framed by polished, lush green leaves.  The painting is signed on the lower right hand side.  It is newly framed in a silver tone frame with fine black detailing.  The frame and inner white border highlight the fresh white gardenias against the deep coloured surround.

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Alan Baker began studying art at the J. S. Watkins School in Sydney when he was 13 years old.  After completing his training, he spent the years leading up to World War II as an instructor at the School.  Following military service, Baker resumed his fine art practice and also developed a successful career as a commercial artist during the 1940s and 1950s.   Read more ....

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